The DLA - Team

The DLA - Proficiency Tests GmbH is a small team, which is managed by two shareholders Matthias Besler-Scharf and Alexandra Scharf. We have three employees, Mrs. Lücke, Mrs. Honold and Mrs. Haarmann, who are supporting us.

Matthias Besler-Scharf, PhD

  • I am a food chemist (governmentally approved) and accomplished my PhD thesis at the University of Hamburg (Germany) in the department of food chemistry. My topic was in the area of allergen analytics among others with the aim to elucidate epitop structures of egg white allergens. Afterwards I published numerous allergen data collections with international co-authors in an online journal Internet Symposium on Food Allergens (

  • I was and I am involved in the development of detection methods by ELISA- and PCR-techniques as well as in studies of the allergenicity of foods e.g. in the framework of the EU-project REDALL (Reduced Allergenicity of Processed Foods containing Animal Allergens), in supporting the DIN-norm committee of food allergens or as an external advisor of the MAVO-project "LowAllergen" (Fraunhofer Institut).

  • From 2001 to 2014 I was quality management representative, deputy head of laboratory and approved expert for cross checks according to German food law in a commercial laboratory (LEFO-Institut, Ahrensburg). Besides being one of the managing directors (2007-2014) I was mainly judging the legatimacy of food supplements and dietetic foods (supplemental balanced diet) according to its composition and labeling.

  • Since 2003 I am doing safety assessments of cosmetic products, as early as 2009 according to the recommendations of the EU-regulation for cosmeticals (

Alexandra Scharf, MSc.

since 2019: Coordinator of proficiency tests and deputy lead of DLA.

Commitment to social purposes, sustainability and the environment:

The owners and the whole DLA team are committed to social and non-profit purposes, sustainable management of resources and the promotion of environmentally friendly and/or organic agriculture and technologies! Where possible, we put these goals into practice. In particular, the following issues are self-evident for us:

  • DLA has been used recycled paper right from the start, and since 2016 has been converting the monthly announcements and since 2017 the evaluation reports as well to purely electronic dispatch.

  • For packaging of our materials, we use package tapes made of recycled plastic and use 100% used filling material.

  • DLA attaches great importance to suppliers of green electricity and gas with a high share of renewable energies.

  • DLA donates annually to non-profit institutions such as PLAN International or Aktion-Deutschland-Hilft (Refugee Aid).

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